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Welcome to Bird Island, a happy indie studio in central Copenhagen. We make games that are meaningful, focused and unique.

​Play our games:

Broken Lines
Gerda a Flame In Winter

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Read about our studio values:

💎Quality Over Size💎

Games that don't take a lot of your time, but reward the time you do spend in them. A team that favors deepening its skills and knowledge over expanding its ranks.

💪🏽Bold Subjects💪🏽

Unique gameworlds with challenging themes that reflect on the world we live in. Stories about relatable people facing tough questions and challenges. Respect for players’ imagination and intellect.

🌍Open Culture🌍

An inviting studio that's involved in our local games scene. A relaxed workplace where team members are encouraged to engage in open creative discussions and have autonomy over processes, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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