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Game Artist (3D / Tech-art)

The Role

We are looking for an artist with experience in 3D, tech-art and Unity. You will play a major role in our art team, design and create great visuals and assets for characters, environments and scenes. Your tasks will be varied and, depending on your skillset and interests, can include work on styling of visuals through particle effects, shaders, lighting but also potentially some work on the animation pipeline and general asset creation and level art.

The Games
You will be working on our current game Gerda: a Flame in Winter, our unannounced upcoming titles, as well as projects with partners. Most of our projects are low-poly stylized 3D games or spine based 2D games, made in Unity and HTML5 frameworks.

Life at PortaPlay

Our studio is located at the very heart of Copenhagen, in a lovely neighborhood and extremely accessible by public transport and by bike from anywhere in the city. We work 9 to 5, five days a week, with flexible hours; we value a relaxed workstyle and healthy work-life balance, and strive to minimize stress and overtime. We do not work nights or weekends - your private time is precious. Vacation days are according to the Danish standard, and the entire company goes on a summer hiatus in July.

We are studio-first workplace, but we allow ourselves to work from home every now and then, if someone needs a quiet day to focus on a big task, or if the plumber is coming. We provide lunch every workday and we eat together at noon. We’re not a “fampany” that will take over your free time, but we do have casual Friday-beers (and non-alcoholic alternatives!), and celebrate a few traditions together, like a summer BBQ, or a Christmas lunch.

You can read more about our company culture at the careers page.


Principal Tasks

  • Style research and design

  • Scene visuals (lightning, skyboxes, and post-effects)

  • Shaders (with visual scripting tools or code)

  • SFX and particles

  • Terrain setup (shaders, textures and texture painting)

  • Some hard / soft surface props modelling and set dressing

Bonus experience

We would love it if you have an interest or experience with the tasks below, but it is not required. If you don’t tick off all the boxes below, we still highly encourage you to apply!

  • Animation (rigging / animation / IK / mocap / procedural)

  • 2D spine-based characters and animation

  • Spawners and procedural tools (e.g. Gena / Gaia / Houdini etc.)

  • Creating your own hobby game projects in Unity

Pipeline, organization and office

We are working in Unity, using Blender / Maya and Photoshop. We work in self-organized teams in a flat hierarchy structure. Work is mainly on-site from our office in the center of Copenhagen. Crunch is something we actively strive to avoid, and rely instead on proper planning, individual responsibility, and empowering team-members who come up with opinions and solutions. 

Practical Information

The position is:

  • Full-time and permanent employment

  • Salary and terms depend on qualifications

  • Can begin from early 2023

  • On-site in central Copenhagen, occasional work-from-home days are possible


How To Apply

Please apply with a portfolio and C.V. with links to projects that can be showcased (playable / video). Preferably including samples of source files, for technical review (e.g. model / rig / animation).

If you have any extra questions: (art) or (work terms)

Send your application to

Deadline for applications is 15 December 2022

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